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About Embroidery Boutique by Designs for You

Embroidery Boutique by Designs for You is a family-owned and run monogramming, embroidery, engraving and gift store, established in 1989 by Laurae and Gary Hathaway. Laurae’s skill and passion for design and customer satisfaction have been the driving force behind its success. Laurae has been involved in the world of fabric, color, and design since she was a teenager. Her many years of experience in floral design and interior decorating has enabled Embroidery Boutique by Designs for You to assist many of our satisfied customers with their decorating and gift ideas.

As Embroidery Boutique by Designs for You is a family-run business, Laurae and Gary’s four children have made a contribution in the growth of the company and have experience working at Embroidery Boutique by Designs for You. Three of the four eventually moved on to other things and have families living in Florida. Laurae and Gary’s youngest, Debby Funk, followed her childhood passions and was a successful hair & makeup artist for 12 years. She lived in NYC for 5 years and continued her career in Georgia and South Florida. Debby joined the family business in 2006 and has become extremely experienced in embroidery with a fantastic eye for color and design. She loves collaborating with our customers to create unique one-of-a-kind items.

In 2014, Debby was eager to bring her vision of a family-friendly monogramming gift shop to Knoxville. We opened our Knoxville storefront and the rest is history. We love that our customers enter as strangers and leave as friends!

Embroidery Boutique by Designs for You is located in Farragut, TN. The decision to alter the name came about because Designs for You has been misinterpreted as an interior design company, therefore we are now doing business as Embroidery Boutique by Designs for You.